Independent Fire Company was formed in 1978 by Frank Deuble, a Firefighter and Fire Chief. The purpose to aquire dependable used fire trucks and provide them to New Mexico Fire Deparments at affordable prices.

In 1988 Frank hired Bob Lujan, a native New Mexican, with an extensive background in Fire Apparatus manufacturing, repair and equipment aquisition. In 1990 Bob hired Jose Sanchez, also a Native New Mexican, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Fire Apparatus manufacturing and repair of all types of pumps, foam systems, electrical, etc.

In 1992 we built and moved into a 7500 sq. ft. facility specifically desgined for Fire Apparatus manufacturing and repair.

Sadly Frank passed away in 1999 leaving behind his dream to provide Apparatus, Service and Support to the Fire Service of New Mexico. Bob Deuble, Frank's brother, then sold Independent Fire Company to Bob and Jose, who along with additional service technicians and support staff continue to provide quality products and excellent customer service to the men and women who protect the lives and property in the Great State of New Mexico.